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Jump Start the New Year-52-Week Money Challenge

Happy New Year! We’re well into the first week of 2018. One of my goals for the New Year is to save more money, I thought taking on the 52-Week Money Challenge was a great way to get started! Week one you deposit $1, Week two you deposit $2, week three $3 until you’ve reached 52 weeks. The weeks correlates with the amounts you need to deposit. At the end of the 52 weeks, you will have a total of $1378 NOT BAD! This is a great way to save for vacations, Christmas, etc.  You can deposit your weekly savings into any container that you may already, an empty jar, a shoebox, or a piggy bank. You can also deposit your savings into your banking account.

Tip1: Open a separate saving account to keep your challenge savings in.

Tip2: Keep this chart in place where you can look at it EVERYDAY to track your saving progress












FREE PDF Download  

If you’d like to take on 52-Week Money Challenge with me, just click the link under the photo above to download the PDF for free.

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